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 Rules and regulations :)

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PostSubject: Rules and regulations :)   Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:09 am

Hello and thank you for thinking about/joining my site. I really hope this is a success and for that to happen, we need rules. I hate rules just as much as everyone else, but it is necessary to have a equal and balanced site Smile.

1: No sexual content. This is not the site to do graphic sexual scenes. You may in private messages but not on the chatbox or in the forms. Hinting about it is okay.

2: You may have up to six characters. I always thought this was a unimportant rule when on other sites, but I dont want people having so many accounts that they make up most of the people.

3: One of those six may be a God/Goddess but only one. It is only fair so that one person is not all the God/Goddesses. But if your not an active roleplayer (meaning coming onling once a week) I reserve the right to take back the said Character.

4: If you wish to be the Son/Daughter of a canon character, if that character has an account get permission first. (Not meaning the Gods or Godesses. I mean Percy, Annabeth, Thalia ect.) If they do not have an account then you must message me and get my permission.

5: You may be a canon character but remember they are all grown up and adults now.

6:If you have problems with someone OOC, message me or another admin. Dont start unnecessary drama.

7: Remember to have fun. Roleplaying is an amazing experience and I want you to enjoy your time on here Smile Me and the other admins are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Rules and regulations :)
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