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  Selena Alexandria Storm

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Selena Storm

Selena Storm

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PostSubject: Selena Alexandria Storm    Selena Alexandria Storm Icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2011 8:08 am

Profile Template for Halfbloods:

Basic Information:
Name: Selena Alexandria Black
Age: 13
Immortal Parent: Poseidon
Mortal Parent: Johanna Storm
Mortal Sibling(s): None, but if her mother continues seeing that Richard guy, maybe one day. Eww!

Physical Appearance:
Skin tone: A Little Tanned
Height: 5'5", but she'll grow.
Hair color: Jet Black
Eye color: Bright blue/sea green, it depends.
Body type: Athletic, healthy, lithe.
Dress Style: Can't stand the thought of trying on billions of dresses, so she just throws on whatever comes to her hand.

Special Abilities:
Powers: Can control water, storms, and earthquakes.
Weapon(s): Well people tell her its going to be the sword, but she has yet to start choosing.
Magic Items: None yet, and she wonders if she is ever going to get it.

Selena is moody, manipulative and has difficulty in being compassionate. She doesn't like being around kids, but for some strange reason, kids adore her. She is cheerful, optimistic, but also practical. She tends to subconsciously do stuff which is opposite to normal reactions. She is smart and intuitive. Has a great sense of humor, but is obsessed about her likes. Very materialistic, arrogant and stubborn.

Yet to be formed.

Her mother is an investment banker and so had little time for Selena who grew up to be a tom boy, not getting along well with her mother. She was always curious about her father, but never received a clear cut answer on the said subject. At school, she was pathetic in studies, mainly due to ADHD and dyslexia, but she had great fun at sports. Good enough in the orals, but barely manages to pass in written. Had a marginally big group of friends before the new kid came into school. New kid, turned out to be a satyr who was the main reason she got dumped in this camp by her mother. Though, after meeting that cyclopes with a Kindly One in NYC, before the satyr told her mom, she gets its for her safety, but she still hasn't forgiven her mom for making her the 'new kid', which she has been for more than half of her life.

Prefers being called 'Alex'

Arrived just one or two days before.
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Selena Alexandria Storm
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