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 Great First Impressions!

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Selena Storm

Selena Storm

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Great First Impressions! Empty
PostSubject: Great First Impressions!   Great First Impressions! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2011 9:19 am

“Mom do I have to do this?” Selena asked her mother for the millionth time. Surprisingly after the “incident”, their relationship had bettered for the ....... better. Her mother spent more time with Selena and for the first time in her life, She actually felt what many of my friends would often tell me. That her mom could be, if not her best friend, but a friend. Selena almost felt bad about leaving her. Right now, they were on the way to Camp Half-Blood.

Her mother sighed before answering, “For the I- the- don’t- know- how- many-time it’s not safe for you to stay in the mortal world after that.”

“Yes mom.”

Her mom may be spending more time with her but, Selena still got the feeling that she was almost glad to get her off her hands.

She must have spaced out then, because the next thing she knew, she was at Camp Half Blood. Sighing, she got out of the car, slaming the door behind her. Pursing her lips, she turned to say good bye.

“Good bye mom! I will miss you!” Selena said while hugging her good bye, this action had surprised not only her mom but Selena too. In the past 15 years, her mom and Selena did not really show our care but, at that moment she thought, what the heck man? I won’t see her the entire summer might as well give her a proper good bye.

“You’ll write to me right? And take care! Don’t get in any fights! Keep civil please make sure I get no complaints!”

Selena half-laughed to herself as she replied, “Yes mom.” Dutifully to all the queries.

“I will miss you too.” Her mother called to her retreating back as Selena made her way downhill. She turned and gave her mother the thumbs up sign and simultaneously managed to trip and fall. Backward. On the hill. As she fell, she saw her mother’s expression torn between worry and laughter, at least I made her laugh. Great first impression!
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Alisson Jackson

Alisson Jackson

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Great First Impressions! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Great First Impressions!   Great First Impressions! Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 10:42 pm

Alisson trudged up the hill wearily. She was soaking wet, and her shoulder-bag was dripping water droplets onto the grass. She didn't want to think about the books and papers inside, and what sort of disaster had been inflicted upon them. This was the last time she was spending time with her sister by any sort of water source; be it lakes, rivers, seas, oceans... even the swimming pool! Well, at least not when her books were in a hundred-meter radius.

She twirled a strand of damp hair in between her fingers, biting her lip. Maybe leaving Scarlett on her own back in the forest wasn't such a brilliant idea after all. Maybe she should have stayed...? Well, it was too late to go back now, and Alisson wasn't one to retrace a decision once it was made. She was too headstrong for that.

She heard a yell further up the hill from the one she was climbing, and jolted out of her reverie. He ears picked up at once... listening... waiting... But it only turned out to be another newbie half-blood saying goodbye to her mother. Alisson wondered dimly which cabin the newbie would belong in, maybe even her own cabin? Gods knew that Athena wasn't exactly the most crowded cabin in camp.

Her eyes widened as the girl gave another shout, then tumbled down the hill. She had obviously tripped up somehow (Alisson couldn't imagine how) and fallen. She reached out to grab the girl by the shirt in a slightly pathetic attempt to break the fall.
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Great First Impressions!
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