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 Goddess Hecate

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PostSubject: Goddess Hecate   Goddess Hecate Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 5:48 am

Basic Information:
Greek Name: Hecate
Roman Name: Trivia
Other names: Apotropaia (that turns away/protects), Chthonia (of the earth/underworld), Enodia (on the way), KlĂȘidouchos (holding the keys), Kourotrophos (nurse of children), Phosphoros (bringing or giving light), Propolos (who serves/attends), Propulaia/Propylaia (before the gate), Soteira (savior), Trimorphe (three-formed), Triodia/Trioditis (who frequents crossroads)

Powers over: Magic, Underworld
Symbols: Paired torches, dogs, keys

Physical Appearance:
Skin Tone: Pale, with a slight blue tinge
Height: 6 foot
Hair color: Dark blue and black
Eye color: Dark blue
Body type: Slim
Dress Style: Typical goddess

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Goddess Hecate
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