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 Ares (God of War)

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PostSubject: Ares (God of War)   Ares (God of War) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 8:01 pm

Basic Information:
Greek Name: Ares
Roman Name: Mars
Other names:
Powers over: Aggression, Courage, Boldness, Divine law, Freedom, Masculinity, Righteous indignation
Symbols: Chariot drawn by four gold-bridled fire-emitting immortal stallions, known for his bronze armor and spear
(Sacred) Animals: Woodpecker, Eagle Owl, Vulture

Physical Appearance:
Skin Tone: Suntanned
Height: 6'1
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Muscular
Dress Style: Leathers

Personality: Ares, the God of War. Son to Zeus and Hera. He is brutal, ferocious and blustering. He delighted in slaughter and the sacking of cities. Save his sister, Eris, the Goddess of discord, and Aphrodite, all of the immortals hated him. With Aphrodite he had an illicit love affair. It also produced one of the greatest scandals on Olympus, for Hephaestus, Aphrodite's husband warned by Helios of what was going on, made a subtle net which exposed the lovers.

Ares was the father of the water dragon that was killed by Cadmus. The dragon’s teeth were sown into the ground and fully grown Spartans sprung up out of them. These Spartans were held to be the descendants of Ares. Cadmus then married Harmonia, the daughter of Ares and founded the city of Thebes.

Ares is also well known for the part he played in the Trojan War. He was on the side of the Trojans, but he was injured by Athena, when she threw a huge boulder on him.

Despite being associated with warfare and insurrection, an important defining characteristic of Ares is not a single incidence of non-consensual sex been attributed to him.

(Will finish the rest of it and make it more detailed later)
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Ares (God of War)
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