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Scarlett Jackson

Scarlett Jackson

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Profile Template for Halfbloods:

Basic Information:
Name: Scarlett Jackson
Immortal Parent: Percy Jackson,
Mortal Parent:Annabeth Jackson
Mortal Sibling(s):

Physical Appearance:
Skin tone: fair
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Hazel
Body type: Slim
Dress Style: casual

Special Abilities: Can control water like her father
Weapon(s): Sword her father gave her
Magic Items: Pen that turns into a sword her dad gaver her, a blue diamond neckless that puts her in a protective bubble in time need given to her by her Grandfather.

Personality: Headstrong, Smart, Dosen't care what people think, acts before she thinks


History: Lettie has always been told she was more like her father. Sure she looked a lot like her mother, but she acted more like Percy. She never could stay out of trouble. It was almost as if trouble went looking for her. She was close to her sister as close as sisters could be, but out of everyone in her family Percy was the favorite.

Percy always called her his little princess. While her mother payed more attention to her sister, and basically ignored Scarlett, even though Percy still loved and cared for Scarletts sister.Because of this Lettie learned how to grow up without a mothers guidance, and became somewhat of a tomboy.

She has her faults of course, just like everyone else. She is stubborn, headstrong, and refuses to listen to advice that goes against anything she said.
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Scarlette Jackson
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