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 Elizabeth Rose Grace

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Elizabeth Rose Grace

Elizabeth Rose Grace

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Rose Grace   Elizabeth Rose Grace Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2011 11:16 am

Basic Information:
Name: Elizabeth Rose Grace
Age: 14
Immortal Parent: Jason Grace
Mortal Parent: Piper Grace
Mortal Sibling(s):

Physical Appearance:
Skin tone: pale
Height: 5'7"
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Body type: Average
Dress Style: She wears anything. As long as it's cute.

Special Abilities:
Powers: Charmspeak, Aerokiniesis, Electrokinesis
Weapon(s): a necklace that transforms into a shield
Magic Items: Katoptris

Personality: Caring, loving, funny, loyal, witty, down to earth, graceful

Allies/Friends: Alisson Jackson

History: Elizabeth or Beth as she is called by her friends, is the daughter of Piper Grace (nee McLean) and Jason Grace.
She is considered a daughter of Zeus, as the Zeus half of her overtook the Aphrodite half.
Beth goes to the Greek Camp Halfblood instead of the Roman one that her dad went to.

She loves to lead, but she is also extremely stubborn.

Has beauty like her mother's side, but power like her father's side.
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Elizabeth Rose Grace
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